The Pencil Art Journey

Dedicated to the beginning artist.

The Journey begins here!

Welcome to the beginner-friendly artist’s website.

An art website made by a beginner for beginners

If you’ve landed here, you are looking for an art website that is dedicated to teaching beginners how to draw in 3D

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at or if never taken an art class in your life. ANYBODY can learn to draw quality pictures with a pencil.

Pretty bold claim. I know. Stick with me and I’ll prove it to you.

No games, no gimmicks, and no tricks. There are twelve drawing concepts to master, then,  you are on your way to learn any art form:

  • Portraits,
  • Human figures
  • Animated cartoons
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion
  • Landscapes, etc.


Why Pencil Art?

Pencil art provide hours of activity for children and adults. It works on problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning.

Studies indicate that drawing can improve mental cognition in Alzheimer’s patients.

Why pencil art is a great place to start the artist’s journey.

  1. Pencil art is easy to correct. Don’t like the way the drawing is turning out? Just erase and start again.
  2. No messy paints or harmful chemicals
  3. The supplies are cheap. All you need is a pencil, sketchbook, or a piece of paper
  4. Pencil art won’t take up any room in your house. All drawings can be done in a 10 x 12 sketchbook
  5. Pencil art can be done anywhere at any time.
  6. Finally, pencil art is a great way for beginners to break into the wonderful world of art.


I am going to show you the way!

What makes my website unique

Other “beginner websites” and books are good if you have some drawing background and experience. But some of those “beginner” websites are not for people who have never drawn before. I’ve looked at those sites and even tried some lessons.

None of them taught me to draw!

Nothing really wrong with them and with a little practice those lessons will help people to draw. But they cover more theory than practice.

Some of them expect you to follow along while they draw the Mona Lisa or something as complex. I am not discrediting these other sources but they do jump into advanced topics.

The authors throw out terms like perspective and foreshortening without really defining what they mean and how they relate to drawing and art.

Honestly, these beginner lessons are not beginner-friendly.

The lessons and drills do not address the issues that beginners have which is a lack of confidence or the belief that they cannot draw.

Drawing Quality Art doesn’t Require Innate Talent or Skill


The pencils and paper found around the house or dollar stores will be fine. A simple sketchbook can be purchased at any office supply or stationery store for about $10.00.

We will do a deep dive into the drawing materials later on. But for now, I want you to focus on drawing.

We will Cover the Basics

I won’t inundate with all the theories and technical concepts that plague other art books and websites.

The production of quality art doesn’t require expert knowledge.

Just patience and a desire to learn.

All those concepts and theories do nothing but overwhelm and confuse. Luckily you don’t need those theories plaguing your mind right now. The time for complexity comes later.

Right now have fun

If you continue on with the journey, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance your knowledge. There are a lot of great websites and books that I can recommend that can further your knowledge.

For now, keep the learning simple and learn the basic concepts. Then when you are ready, go ahead and sign up for advanced lessons.

Eventually, I want you to stretch your artistic skills and challenge your self. Check the advanced lessons on other sites and videos.

Take the Initial Steps on Your Artist’s Journey!

There is no path you have to follow. The path is where you want to start and the final destination is up to you.

Go ahead and buy books on figure drawing and portraits. Delve into colored pencil, pen and ink drawings

Do it all.

Experience it all

You don’t need permission to explore and draw.

It’s art.

Just do it!

If you want to jump into portrait drawing without more advanced lessons go for it.

You don’t need a logical reason to draw… just passion.

I am merely providing a beginner’s map.

“A Master artist is a beginner artist who didn’t quit.”

Be patient and the skills will come.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. For example,  I was good at understanding 1pt and 2pt perspective but struggled with shading and proportions. Whereas,  others excelled at shading and proportions and are able to draw some impressive pictures.

The lessons are easy to follow and are designed to be taken step-by-step.

Art can be all things.

  • It can be procedural and exact that requires attention to detail.
  • Or it can be non-linear, random, and go off on a directionless path.
  • Or it can be loose and formless. Like abstract art and free form drawing.

Some Artists like to call it “planned randomness”. A structured path without organization. Whatever viewpoint or path you take be sure to have fun with the medium.

Let’s go to lessons!


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  1. Thomas,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I think I’ll start with pencil art and the sketchbook I bought years ago, that was never used.

    On to the lessons portion of your website….



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