2 point Perspective Drawing

Hello and welcome to the two-point perspective lesson!



I’m here again to demo this lesson

Remember when you were learning to draw a  cube? Guess what, you were using 2pt perspective to draw. We are not going to use dots to draw the cube this time but a technical process. Something that draftsmen would do when designing buildings or machine parts. Don’t worry we won’t need math or precise measuring skills for this lesson.

I am going to break the process down without the technical jargon and show you that drawing is a skill that anyone can learn.

Two-point perspective drawing uses two vanishing points on the horizon line.

“In perspective drawing all parallel lines converge in the distance called a vanishing point. 2 point perspective drawing uses two vanishing points in the distance.”

Most 3D drawings use two-point perspective and once you understand how to draw in 2 point perspective, the world of art will open up to you.

And soon,  I’ll be coming to your gallery opening!

2 point perspective made easy!

Let’s draw a castle in 2 point perspective.

  1. First, draw a horizon line in the middle of the page and place two vanishing points near the end.

   2. Next draw a line down the middle of the horizon line. Then draw a line from the bottom and the top of the line to each VP.

  3. Then draw two more vertical lines down the length of the form to define the size of the object.

4. Draw in the merlons on top of the structure. Be sure to draw them in perspective by following the height to the VP. Use the guidelines drawn out to the VP’s.

Merlons provide protection from projectiles during an attack

We need to draw in the thickness on the merlons. Line up the left sides of the merlons to the right VP  and line up the right merlons to the left VP. You are using the opposite VP to line up the thickness of the merlon

Finally, we can add some doors and windows to the structure. Be sure to line the bottom and tops of the windows and doors to the VP’s.



Here’s the finished drawing with some more details. Try adding some details to your drawings as well. Do you see how I used other drawing concepts to complete this drawing?


Here are more 2 point perspective drills

  1. Draw a horizon line and draw some vertical lines above, below, and at the HL
  2. Line up the corners to each VP. One line going to the right and the other to the left.Next, complete the rectangle
  3. Draw in more rectangles and notice which planes are visualized above, below, and at the horizon line. In the above drawing, the bottom and the sides of the rectangles are seen above the HL. Which planes are visualized from below the HL and at the HL?

Draw more verticle lines in different places and see what planes are visualized.

BONUS: Try placing the VP’s close to the end of the HL and see what happens to the drawing.

How did this lesson go for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s to happy drawing!

Let’s go on to 3 point perspective drawing lesson!



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