Unique drawings

We, Will, Teach How to Make Your Drawings Unique

On this website, you will be given step-by-step instructions that allow you to add your own element to the drawing. For example, as a challenge add one of the elements to this drawing.

What else could you add to the piece to make it original

Yes, you have to use your imagination. But don’t worry we won’t expect you to draw something from your mind right away.

After you learn the twelve concepts of art, there are a ton of YouTube lessons that can further your growth. The lessons will do a deep dive into the basic elements of art: Shading, perspective, contour, overlapping, placement, size. But as a beginner, I believe it’s important to draw familiar objects without getting bogged down with all the technical details.

You need a deep understanding of all the elements to bring a certain level of realism to your drawings.

But for now, enjoy yourself and draw fun subjects and don’t worry about your lack of skill. The quality of your drawings will improve with practice.

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