Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Believe you can learn how to draw!

The most important concept to master is a positive mental attitude.

When you are learning something new, it can be frustrating and discouraging when the results are not desirable. You are here to learn to draw quality pieces of art. But sometimes the quality isn’t there and you wonder if you can learn.

The answer yes you can. But don’t get down on yourself if the learning takes more time than intended. Everybody learns at their own pace and you can’t rush it. It’s important to stick with your learning pace.

The lessons will get you drawing from the start and you’ll see your confidence grow.  There is nothing worse than negative self-esteem to derail a new activity.

Remember, I am new to the art world as well and I am struggling with more advanced topics like portraits and figure drawing.

But I have achieved some success and I know that you can too. You are not alone and I feel your pain. Don’t let anybody fool you drawing is challenging but doable.

Did you know that professional artists spend four years in art school just to learn figure drawing?

Don’t give up!

The quality of the work will improve with practice.

Remember the main reason to draw is TO HAVE FUN! It is not a competition. Drawing can be a fulfilling activity when approached with the right attitude

 On This site,  You will learn the fundamentals …Period

The first step is to build drawing confidence and the lessons will help you develop basic drawing skills.

After you learn the 12 drawing concepts you can apply them to:

  • Portraits
  • Animals
  • Landscapes
  • Human figures
  • Cartoon figures and other complex subjects.

All of these subjects are withing reach of the beginner if you stick with the practice.

So let’s dig in and start drawing!

Let’s go to the lessons


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