How To Draw A Cube

The quintessential crowd-pleasing cube at your service.

Master this little gem in all it’s glory and there is nothing that you can’t draw.

I am serious here.

This little shape has it all. You can stretch it, turn it, flip around, turn it upside down, curve it, turn it into a ball, and still you’d only be tapping the surface of what the cube can do for your drawings. I’ll show two ways to draw the cube.

But first, let’s learn how to draw a LINE without the use of a straight edge or ruler.

Here’s the first way: The dot method

  • First, let me introduce to our drawing directional cube. I recommend you draw a bunch of these little guys as practice. Pay attention to the arrows. Those are the directions that the lines have to go in for the 3D look.

1. Draw two dots
2. Draw two dots in the middle. Be sure to draw them close together
3. Extend the lines and draw the middle line longer
4. draw the square at the top. This is a foreshortened square.
Follow my arrows to finish me off
  • Draw about 100 of them in various positions and then draw one hundred more. The hard work will pay off. I promise. The more comfort you have with this form the more versatile artist you will become. Remember drawing is about putting lines on a surface. That’s it. Anything more and it’s a different activity.

Remember the line drill? 

Go to the LINE drill if you haven’t done it yet.

You are going to do the line lesson when connecting the dots on the cube. Line up the dots on the cube and draw the line to the next dot. No hesitation. BOOM! Just draw the line. You can always erase if you overshoot the other dot.

Here’s the 2nd way of drawing the cube

1. Draw a square
2. Draw a diagonal at the corners. Make sure the lines are parallel

Tip: To keep your lines in a proper perspective, follow the angle of the line that is parallel to the edge of the form. (Follow the arrows)

Finish off the cube with some shading. Add a cast shadow if you wish

Bonus: Draw the plane on the left side of the cube and put the light source on the opposite side. Where does the cast shadow go?

Still, Struggling with Drawing a 3D Cube?

Here’s a nifty little device that can help the beginner draw a perfect 3D cube. It’s called the Isosketch and can help the beginner line up the angles. The other stencils are used for ellipses and curved corners which can be used to make other drawings.

However, this is only a tool that can make the drawing process easier, but the beginner should always practice drawing cubes and other objects to advance in mark-making skills.


Here’s a link to the tutorial.


How did these lessons go? Let me know in the comments below

Here’s to happy drawing

Let’s go on to the sphere lesson

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