Texture Drawing Techniques

6 texture drawing techniques that you can use in your drawings now.

This is where it gets fun.

I want to introduce some of the texture drawing techniques to add realism and details to your drawings. Depending on what you are drawing or painting; a bird, person, or plant, adding textures can really make your drawings come to life. However, the process can be time-consuming

For example, drawing eyelashes on a human eye can take up to an hour. Individual feathers on a bird can take even longer. To go for that ultra-realistic look you have to understand basic texture drawing techniques.

But for now let’s add some spiky lines, fuzzy lines, wavy lines, and some smooth lines to some spheres.

See how you can make something look fuzzy or spiky?

I drew a basket weave pattern on the tiles on this floor.

Check out the brick pattern below.

I sketched out the pattern first including the little breaks and chips. Then I drew in the space for the mortar. The lighter values were added first and then the darker values were added gradually with 2B, 3B, and 4B pencils. The drawing took over an hour to create and I could have added darker values if I wanted to spend more time.

I recommend that you mess around with various textures as an exercise. When you have some extra time on your hands textured drawing techniques can make a great doodling exercise.

Draw out the sphere and create some balls of yarn.  Do the cube lesson and add some wood grain patterns on the surfaces. Look for more ideas on the internet.

How about tree bark? Draw out a cylinder and make a rough bark texture. Sketch out a human eye and add some wrinkles underneath and in the corners.

Human eye with tears, eyebrows and lashes Drawn with a 2B pencil.

If you want to challenge yourself sketch out a human head and add some hair and facial hair to the drawing. Keep on drawing and keep on learning and keep on exploring this effective technique.

In a future lesson, we will cover how to add texture to other objects. Did the lesson help?

Let me know in the comments below.

Let’s return to the keys to drawing

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